Disperse purple 93 filter cake


Disperse Purple 93 Filter Cake

Chemical name: N- [2-[(2-Bromo-4,6-dinitrophenyl) azo] -5- (diethylamino) phenyl] acetamide

CAS NO .: 52697-38-8

EC NO .: 258-110-1

Molecular formula: C18H19BrN6O5

Molecular weight: 479.2

Appearance: purple powder

Shade: Purple

Content: ≥99%

Boiling point: 695.2 ℃

Density: 1.55g / cm3

Application: Dyes are substances that can color fibers and other materials. They are divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. Dyes are colored substances. In 1856, Perkin invented a synthetic dye--horsetail purple, which separated organic chemistry into a new discipline--dye chemistry. 1950s. Pattee and Stephen found that dyes containing dichlorotriazine groups bonded to the hydroxyl groups on the fiber under alkaline conditions, marking that the dye made the fiber color from a physical process to a chemical process, creating a period of synthetic application of reactive dyes. . Dyes are not limited to the dyeing and printing of textiles. They are used in many sectors such as paint, plastics, leather, optoelectronics communications, and food.