Solvent red 195


英文名称Solvent Red 195

国际索引号:Solvent Red 195


Color: blue and red


Product name: fluorescent red BR

English name:Solvent Red 195

International index number:Solvent Red 195


Color: blue and red

English nickname:Thermoplast Red BS;C.I. Solvent Red 195(9CI);Solvent Red 195;PolysynthrenRed BB;Sandoplast Red BB;Solvaperm Red BB;Thermoplast Red454

Chinese synonym:Solvent red 195; Solvent red BB; Thermoplastic red 454; 195 # red; Thermoplastic red BS

Molecular formula:C31H19ClN7O19S6

       Features and USES:Red oil soluble dye with blue light, good heat and light resistance, high coloring power. Light resistance grade 6-7, heat resistance grade 300, weather resistance grade 6-7, migration resistance grade 4-5. Mainly used for ABS, PC, PBT, PS and other plastics and fiber spinning color.