Molecular formula:C10H8N2O2S2Cu

Molecular weight:315.9

CAS NO.:14915-37-8


Molecular formula:C10H8N2O2S2Cu

Molecular weight:315.9

CAS NO.:14915-37-8

CPT structural formula:

Physicochemical properties:

SpecificationIndustrial-gradeIndustrial grade (suspension)
melting point℃≥260
loss on drying%≤0.5
appearanceGreen fine powderGreen suspension
Copper content(Cu)%---

Trace elements: customized supply

Stability: stored in dark condition for two years without change in quality


① Mouse acute oral LD50>1000mg/kg

② No irritation to skin ③The test was negative

Application area:

CPT is mainly used in Marine antifouling paint, building paint, metal processing, pesticides and other industries. CPT and its similar products have great potential and wide space in the application of pesticides because of their high efficiency, low toxicity and broad spectrum.


1. Although this product is low in toxicity and safe to use, avoid touching mouth, eyes and skin. Please do a good job of protection during operation.

Please store it in a cool place away from light.

3. This product is packed in cardboard barrel (solid), 25kg.