Another us state has banned the use of flame retardants in furniture


New Hampshire governor Chris Sunuu has signed a law banning the sale of upholster furniture containing flame-retardant (FR) chemicals and restricting the use of fire foams containing PFASS and PFASS.

The first, SB 193, would prohibit the sale, manufacture and distribution of upholstered furniture with coverings or buffers containing more than 1% flame retardants or mixtures of flame retardants. The code defines fire retardants as any chemical that has the ability to resist or inhibit fire spread, including halogenated, phosphorylated, nitrogen-based, and nano-scale substances.

Exceptions to the ban include used furniture, furniture for public use and mattresses. New furniture manufactured by 2020 and products imported or purchased by retailers or wholesalers by 2021 will also be exempted.

The law would also empower the state attorney general to require furniture manufacturers to provide a certificate of compliance and include a provision to compensate retailers. It went into effect on 3 September.

New Hampshire followed Maine and California in recent years by moving to ban the use of flame retardants in upholstered furniture. Such substances have been a focus of concern in Europe and the United States because of concerns about their environmental and health effects.